Fun Icebreaker Questions, Retreat Games, Group Energizers, & More

A few funny icebreaker questions might be all it takes to kick off a meeting and make a group feel more comfortable. Depending on the level of participation and sharing required, choosing the right icebreaker could make all the difference.

The purpose of this site is to provide icebreaker and game ideas for a wide variety of activities -- from women's retreat icebreaker games to energizers for meetings, icebreaker games for small groups, and christian icebreakers, we hope you'll use these ideas to help make your event as successful as it can be.

As someone who never liked seeing the word "icebreaker" on a retreat schedule or meeting itinerary, I can attest to the anxiety that an icebreaker can create but then eventually lessen! Even though my heart pounded a little faster when the activitiy started, I can remember the very familiar thoughts I usually had afterwards -- "that wasn't nearly as bad as I expected" and "maybe I do feel like speaking up today after all"!

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